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Amazing eleven new songs with a social project one album one tree for Africa.

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Social Project


Part of the proceeds will be donated to the project of Agroforesty in partenership with the ONG "Insieme si può..". For each album sold a tree planted in Karamoja.


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Jesus Come Back For A New Revolution the first album of johnny8joker

10 new songs plus a bonus track.

The album is divided in three parts:
the first part begins with Blender Of Mind, a beautiful power rock, then the magic single Revolution with energy, the ballad Love Me and Leave and after the time of spiritual reflection The Leaves Are Falling two emotional moments;

The second part consists of the explosive Green Happiness, the blues American Stars and after Love's On Her Wings the heart breaker;

The third part begins with a new type of music genre, People I Know, then the apocalyptic song Illuminate and the sweet sounds of New Kind Of Color.

The End of the album with The Hands Of Promises choice as a Bonus Track. Song written to protest against extreme poverty.
FaLang translation system by Faboba


Revolution Video

Watch the amazing video of Revolution, the first single of johnny8joker. Peace, freedom, self-searching. This is the revolution / evolution. 

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Comunication between us

comunication between usSocial Network for everyone.
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The messages of the lyrics are one of most interesting characteristic of Jesus Come Back For A New Revolution.
Download the lyrics and have fun to sing.



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Night'n'Day interview

Intervista a Night'n'Day

The presenter Giorgia Segato reveals johnny8joker on TV explaining his musical and social project, some curiosity about his stage name and the title of his new album.
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