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The music of the growing forest

album johnny8joker albero africa karamojaLao Tzu, Chinese philosopher of the sixth century, said that "makes more noise a tree falling than a forest that grows".

We at "Insieme si può...", with our friend johnny8joker, immodestly would like to desecrate the famous aphorism and think that "a growing tree makes more music than a falling forest."


YES because for every album sold, johnny8joker will support the planting and growth of a fruit tree in a project of Agroforesty in Karamoja region in the Northern Uganda once green and today, as a result of climate change and deforestation karamoja beforewithout any principle in many parts a barren and unproductive state.



karamoja nowadaysWe believe there is nothing more meaningful than a growing tree, to represent the "roots" of our support in this area, the accompaniment in the "growth" and the "development" of long-term of the population that inhabits the "fruit picking" and a new hope for the poor.



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